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  2. dreamscape-inkscape:


    Dean was willing to kill Sam while Sam was possessed by Gadreel, Dean was willing to let Sam die in detox, and Dean was willing to let Sam die from his memories of Hell.

    You know what those instances have in common? Dean can control the situation. The detox was on Dean, the possession was on Dean, and the re-souling was on Dean; the situation was because of, and monitored by Dean.

    Do not say Dean is the be-all-end-all of sacrificing martyrs when it comes to Sam. It is not true.

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inspired by [x] :: dean :: castiel

    inspired by [x] :: dean :: castiel

  5. nickigrants:

    i like that sam winchester is a character who sort of fucks with gender stereotypes in writing. not in really obvious ways, but the subtle stuff is cool. this isn’t meta i just have feelings

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  6. safiyabat:

    It’s interesting to me that most of the people who call out John Winchester as a child abuser focus on his abuse of Dean.  Which, let’s be real, he abused Dean.  But… he also abused Sam.  Canonically, he treated Sam badly enough that a college-bound kid who knew that life on the street would destroy his expectations of a safe future was willing to run away multiple times.  We have a kid who at eight is being warned that he’s going to get his “ass kicked” by his father for a transgression, accepts it and does not care.  We have a kid who at fourteen knows his father is leaving for a minimum of two weeks, probably more, and doesn’t even get a goodbye from him.  

    We have a man who has been made to feel unclean and impure since before he could even read.  

    And people only want to talk about John’s abuse of Dean.  

  7. Why fear death, be scared of living,
    our hearts are small and ever thinning.
    There is no hope ever of winning,
    oh, why fear death, be scared of living. (x)

  8. rockstarshoutout:

    I ship Sam Winchester/his own bodily autonomy.

    Least canon ship ever. No screentime. No history. Writers hate it. No foundation in canon logic. Don’t care. A girl can hope, right?